About Challenge

We believe that, when it comes to sport, primary schools should balance their focus on skill development with transferable life skills.

Of course teaching the technical elements of sport is vital. However, when delivered correctly, sport  can also be used as a vehicle to encourage children, challenge perceptions, promote a positive mindset, realise the power of self belief, show resilience, demonstrate perseverance, use leadership, benefit from teamwork and most importantly how, with hard work, you can achieve your goals.

To help us hit our mission we place huge emphasis on the correct recruitment and a company culture centred around responsibility, development and of course fun.

For our team, being amazing on the playground, hall or field only tells half the story. Everyone representing the company, from directors to part time assistant coaches, help create and live out our goals.

We only work with people who are determined to:

Positively inspire all they encounter
Be better tomorrow than they are today
Take 100% responsibility for everything they do
Respect everyone and encourage individuality
Put the child first….always
Have fun!

Led by a former primary Headteacher, a group of PE specialists and an incredibly diverse, talented team we are bound together by our love for sport, ability to teach and desire to make a difference

We offer schools:

Outsourced PE
PE Teacher Upskilling
Online Fitness and Wellbeing Programmes
Cross Curricular Programmes

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