Feel Good Week: Wellbeing Workshop (Challenge Schools Only)

As a Challenge school we are giving you both first pick and discounted rates for our Feel Good Week Wellbeing Workshops.

7th – 11th February 2022

£50 for morning
£80 for afternoon

Morning: 9am – 11.45am
Afternoon: 1pm – 3pm

Workshop Details:
We will work with each class / group for 20 – 25 minutes delivering a practical / theoretical wellbeing workshop. By the end of the session children will:

Value the importance of physical and mental wellbeing
Gain tools to improve their wellbeing
Understand the science behind active / mindful brain breaks and how they make us feel great
See how nutrition affects our wellbeing

Use the form below to book your session. Alternatively email ben@challengesporteducation.co.uk or call 07720683696