Fitter Future

Fitter Future is designed to increase fitness levels of children throughout the country and revolutionise the way primary schools can promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

All workouts are accessible online. Each workout lasts ten minutes with additional workouts and monthly fitness challenges continuously added to the programme.

Each child also gets completely free access at home where they can complete additional monthly workout challenges. Each workout includes three tier differentiation and can take place inside or outside.

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Fitter Future

Fitter Future gives you:

  • A series of¬†10 minute workouts. All easily accessed online
  • Easy to follow three tier differentiation in every workout
  • Free access for children to use from home with bonus monthly challenges
  • New workouts added throughout the year
  • Designed for use in the classroom at lunch, break or in PE
  • Increase fitness levels and awareness of living a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Use the Playground Pack to take workouts outside and create your own fitness sessions

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