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So much more than just a sports coaching company…

With Challenge you get so much more than just a sports coaching company. Our very own SLT which oversees all school related activities consists of a former headteacher, highly experienced sports coaches and a director of the company.
Having a great coach is a given so before we start working with you we ensure to establish the problems you are trying to solve, your goals and your definition of success.

We offer the following

  • PPA Cover
    Morning, afternoon or full day cover with clubs to generate revenue for the school
  • Teacher Upskilling (Practical)
    Creating lesson plans, team teaching, observation and feedback guaranteed to get your teachers to OFSTED outstanding
  • Teacher Upskilling (INSET)
    After school, half day or full day INSETs across the curriculum or our very popular ‘OFSTED Outsanding’ training for all your staff.

All of the above are bespoke to your school, your goals and your problems.

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Why Choose Challenge?

  • Coach consistency
    You have the same coach throughout the school year
  • Peace of mind
    All coaches hold enhanced DBS checks and relevant qualifications
  • Experience & training
    All staff complete annual Behaviour Management CPD as well as sport specific training
  • Bespoke
    What are your goals and problems we can help you achieve / solve respectfully.
  • Monitoring
    Area managers monitor all staff for performance and school integration
  • Detail
    Lesson plans are detailed for skills and links to ICT, PHSE, Literacy and Maths
  • Assessments
    We monitor each child’s progress and behaviour and feed back to school


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What makes our team great

Our incredible team are (of course) fantastic sport coaches.

However, being amazing on the playground, hall or field only tells half the story. Everyone representing the company, from directors to part time assistant coaches, help create and live out the company culture. Working with Challenge Sport & Education ensure that as well as a great coach you also get someone who is determined to:

Positively inspire everyone they come in contact with, both in and out of work
Be better tomorrow than they are today
Take 100% responsibility for everything that they do
Respect everyone and encourage / embrace individuality
Put the child first….always
Have fun! (If you can’t have fun whilst doing something then why bother!?)

Still unsure. Drop us a line telling us where your school are based and we will let you know your local schools who work with us.

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