In School

Here at Challenge, we understand the challenges faced by primary schools and we have developed an easy way to give your children a fun experience during PE.

Whether you are looking to upskill teachers or simply cover PPA time  Challenge Sport & Education ensure we find out exactly what your goals are and ensure to hit them.

For some schools its about increasing participation in competitions and giving opportunities to try new sports, for others the focus is on increasing fitness and identifying talent and making out of school pathways available. Regardless of your demand, if the main focus is the development of your children then we can help.

We offer three distinct packages of Specialist Curriculum Cover and Government-backed Sport Premium teacher upskilling:

  • Full Day Cover
    Includes lunch club, with the option of either breakfast club, after school club or both
  • Morning Cover
    With or without a breakfast club
  • Afternoon Cover
    With or without an after school club

Each of our cost-effective packages have been specifically designed to fit around the school timetable and our specialist staff are not only highly competent and experienced in their fields, they take the time and effort to immerse themselves in the school ethos as well as conforming to behavioural and rewards policies.

This ensures the highest quality of teaching, coaching and learning at all times.

Why Choose CSE?

  • Coach consistency
    You have the same coach throughout the school year
  • Peace of mind
    All coaches hold enhanced DBS checks and relevant qualifications
  • Experience & training
    All staff complete annual Behaviour Management CPD
  • Capable
    Our role is holistic – changing, behavioural policies, feedback, rewards
  • Monitoring
    Area managers monitor all staff for performance and school integration
  • Detail
    Lesson plans are detailed for skills and links to ICT, PHSE, Literacy and Maths
  • Assessments
    We monitor each child’s progress and behaviour and feed back to school

With our Sport Premium teacher upskilling, we will give you two INSET/half days to provide your staff with ideas, guidance and advice on how to progress skills, build and run sessions and how core skills can be seamlessly transferred from Nursery to Year 6.

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What We Do

Specialist Curriculum Cover

CSE offers schools PPA (Planning, Preparation and Assessment) and Senior Leadership Time cover for PE, French, ICT, Music and Religious Education.

We fully understand and are acutely aware of each school’s need to hit National Curriculum objectives (and individual targets) as well as the importance of sound classroom management in every session we cover. Save for illness or natural attrition, your member of staff will remain with you for the duration of the school term and will become a valued member of the team.

Sport Premium

Sport Premium is a Government-funded initiative (to the tune of £450m over three years; 2013 – 2016) designed to help primary schools to improve the quality of the PE and sports activities they offer their pupils.

CSE works alongside teachers and auxiliary staff to help to raise their understanding, awareness and confidence teaching PE as well as increasing their knowledge of the different sports they teach.

Our coaches work closely with your teachers in all sessions and we give them a hands-on, practical approach to the techniques and nuances of teaching PE (and all the sports and games we offer). These techniques can be used to ensure that each child, regardless of ability, is focussed and challenged as well as improving not only their sporting prowess but also their social engagement.

We don’t offer ‘off the shelf’ packages, rather we work with each school to determine precisely what the leadership teams want their teachers and staff to take from our sessions. In addition, CSE looks after all aspects of child management which leaves the teachers free to focus their attention on learning and improving their capabilities.

We will also provide all lesson plans so teachers are free to refer to them during the course of the academic year.


CSE offers schools a comprehensive range of sports clubs covering a broad range of sports:

Athletics • Ball Skills (KS1) • Basketball • Cricket • Dance • Football • Gymnastics • Handball • Hockey • Netball • Orienteering • Rounders • Tag Rugby • Tennis • Throwing & Catching (KS1) • Tri-Golf • Volleyball • Zumba

All the clubs we run are for boys and girls and have been developed to cater for specific classes or Key Stages.

Every coach is highly qualified and experienced in the school environment and they all undergo yearly class management training. Our primary focus is on making sure each child has fun, enjoys what they are doing and goes home happy!