Positive & Growth Mindset Workshops


Many children grow up and would love the idea of being a professional footballer or sports athlete but don’t understand what it takes in order to fulfil such an ambition.

Our positive & growth mindset workshop will educate the pupils on key life skills that will be transferable not only into sports but also everyday life. Highlighting the importance of being resilient, having self belief/confidence, persevering, demonstrating a good attitude at all times, taking responsibility for your own actions/performances and dealing with the disappointment as well as the pressure. 


How to take control of your own outcomes
Tools to improve your confidence and positive mindset
How to demonstrate endurance and perseverance
The importance of taking responsibility
The art of winning and losing properly
How to be a good leader

We are giving away a free workshop everyday over Mental Health Week (5 – 11 Feb 2024). Submit the below form for your chance to win