Terms & Conditions

  1. Challenge Sport & Education Ltd reserve the right to exclude or refuse any participant at any time prior to or during any course.
  2. All participants are covered by the company insurance policy. Activities undertaken at other sporting venues will also be covered by the relevant organisation. Challenge Sport & Education does not accept liability for personal injury howsoever caused, nor for loss or damage to any property belonging to or traveling with a participant. Challenge Sport & Education does not accept any responsibility for losses or additional expense incurred due to sickness, weather or any other cause.
  3. Challenge Sport & Education reserve the right to cancel or change the date of any course. In the case of cancellation of a course, Challenge Sport & Education will refund the full amount but will not be liable for any further compensation.
  4. Once a booking has been made, should you wish to cancel before the start of the course you can do so however you may not be refunded in full. The following is our general guidance however you will receive full guidance in the build up to the course:

    Holiday Courses: 100% refund if cancelled 7+ days before. 50% refund between 1 – 7 days and 0% refund if cancelled with less than 24 hours

    Childcare: 100% refund if cancelled before the start time on a particular days.

    All refunds are subject to a 50p per booking admin charge

  5. Pre booking is essential for all courses
  6. A booking at Challenge Sport & Education is deemed secure when the payment in full has been received.
  7. Participants who cannot attend and have not notified us in advance will not be entitled to any refund or form of compensation.
  8. The participants’ parent(s)/guardian(s) consent to the use of any photos taken of their child, for the promotion of Challenge Sport & Education.
  9. Challenge Sport & Education’s activities programme may be subject to change for reasons of safety, unsuitable weather conditions, or situations beyond Challenge Sport & Education’s control.
  10. When attending course, it is automatically assumed that consent is given for children to participate in their own film-making activities. Parents not wishing their children to participate in the filming must make this known when booking, or children themselves not wishing to participate can inform the course manager/course staff whilst at course. All films are destroyed at the end of the season. It is also assumed that parents have given their consent to watch films during the supervised part of the day before, for 30 minutes following 30 minutes lunch time in the dining hall and at the end of each day outside of the sports course programme. ‘U’ rated or selected ‘PG’ rated films will be shown. Should a parent or guardian miss the end of week ceremony, there are no arrangements for a copy to be made or distributed.
  11. Medication required during a visit to Challenge Sport & Education should be handed in on arrival to the course manager, together with details of the dosage required and the method for administration. You will need to complete a medical consent form
  12. Please ensure any changes of address or contact details that occur after a booking has been made are made known on arrival at course.
  13. It is important that children are collected promptly. Failure to collect your child within 15 minutes of the finish time and contact will be made with the parent or guardian. Repeat cases may be reported to the relevant authorities.


Behaviour Policy & Action Management

Please email info@challengesporteducation.co.uk

Complaints or concerns

Please email info@challengesporteducation.co.uk requesting our complaints policy