PE Upskilling with SportTeach

We teach teachers how to teach PE…properly.

Led by a former primary Headteacher we understand the value of wise investment with sustainable impact.

Our PE upskilling programmes ensure:

Rapid improvement in teaching quality
Confident and inspired staff
Sustainable subject knowledge / game ideas

We understand every school is different and we have the team and wealth of experience to support your bespoke need.

Our goal is simple – help your teachers deliver higher quality PE

Choose your path below

Delivery Support - Team Teach

Help improve the standard of delivery, planning, assessment and enjoyment your teachers experience when it comes to teaching PE.

Our delivery support is ideal for any teacher delivering PE and in need of a confidence boost, more game ideas or tips on how to successfully structure sessions.

All of our delivery support includes:
Consultation to determine need
Post session analysis
Reports for CPD
Termly updates for SLT / Gov’s
Transferable games
Differentiation / Progressions
Session structure
Behaviour Management Tips


Types of delivery support:

Practical Team Teach Sessions
After School INSETS
Upskilling Workshops


Non Practical Support

Behind the scenes support including:

Curriculum Mapping
OFSTED Deep Diving
PE Co-ordinator Training / Support
Assessment, Progression, Attainment